Longmont 2018


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2017 Demo Slam presentation notes

Saturday, September 15th, 2018 – Silver Creek High School
4901 Nelson Road, Longmont, CO 80501

     – COST: FREE!  – SVVSD registration to come early August
Eventbrite  Registration here: 

Child Care will be Available- (please complete this form)

When & Where     Schedule     Session Boards     Sponsors    Food Sponsors     What Is EcCamp?
2017 TENTATIVE  Schedule 

Time What’s Happening? Locations
7:40 ish Registration Opens – sign in for credit, Coffee and conversations Silver Creek Commons
8:00 Kickoff, Welcomes, Announcements & Overview Silver Creek Commons
8:20  Session Board Opens Silver Creek Commons
8:50 Transition
9:00 Session 1 Session Rooms
9:45 Transition
9:55 Session 2 Session Rooms
10:40 Transition
10:50 Session 3 Session Rooms
11:40 Lunch & Swag Giveaways! Commons
12:20 Demo Slam Commons
12:40 Transition
12:50 Session 4 Session Rooms
1:35 Transition
1:45 Session 5 Session Rooms
2:40 Final raffle and Swag giveaways, sign out, and goodbyes! Silver  Creek Commons


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review the online notes from the session boards

When & Where     Schedule     Session Boards     Sponsors    Food Sponsors     What Is EcCamp?

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What is an EdCamp? (see the video!)
 When & Where     Schedule     Session Boards     Sponsors    Food Sponsors     What Is EcCamp?

Session Boards

When & Where     Schedule     Session Boards     Sponsors    Food Sponsors     What Is EcCamp?

Edcamp Longmont is an all-day unconference designed specifically for teachers and their needs. Edcamp has an agenda that’s created by the participants at the start of the event.

Bring your questions, your professional dilemmas, or even something AWESOME you can’t wait to tell someone about.  

The day begins at 8:00 am with registration, breakfast refreshments, networking, and then, we propose topics and begin session-building with ideas from everyone in the room. This is when you can pose a question or topic for a session, prepare for the day’s events, and meet some new friends.

  • Sessions will be 45 minutes in length, and there will be 10 minutes in between each session to allow participants to navigate the building, tweet, pause, write and reflect on their learning. 
  • Bringing a laptop or Chromebook is strongly recommended. Wireless internet will be available, for out of district guests please use SVVSD-public, there is no password required to access this network.
  • Backchannel for the day on Twitter and other social networks will be using hashtag #EdCampLongmont and Google Docs will be used for online notes via the session boards.
  • Lunch is provided.  It will include a raffle of free prizes and the Demo Slam which is a great opportunity to learn about some great app, technique or tool in dramatic 2 MINUTES OR LESS
  • The afternoon includes 2 more sessions and the closing with our FINAL raffle for prizes.
  • Child Care will be available.  In the past, Silver Creek Leadership Academy Students will be providing childcare throughout the day. If you need this free service, please complete this form so we can accommodate your needs.

Our Goal: Provide a great opportunity for learning. We hope to take care of food, PD credit, SWAG and even childcare so you can have the meaningful collaborative conversations that you need to help strengthen your instruction and skills. Let us know if you need anything!

* .5 Credit is available. SVVSD Educators must sign up for credit- learn and enjoy the whole day, and sign in during the morning and sign out at the end of the day to earn credit.

* Registration uses the St Vrain Office of Professional Development using Courseware. If you prefer NOT to create an account, you may

Are you interested in helping EdCamp run smoothly? We sure could use your help.  You can choose a manageable shift for a limited time commitment.  It is so easy: fill out this form and we’ll contact you!

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