Organize an Edcamp

We’ve compiled some of our favorite resources, FAQs, and suggestions to help you organize your own Edcamp in Colorado (or elsewhere!).

Not finding what you need, or looking for a thought-partner to help you get started? Just fill out our Contact Us page or Tweet @edcampDenver and someone will get back to you.

Planning a Colorado Edcamp?

Submit the details of your Edcamp to this form to have your event added to the Google Calendar and to receive a landing page for your event at edcampco.comedcamp Colorado banner FINAL3

Need a logo?

Use or modify this awesome Edcamp CO apple made by Galen Mitchell. Download Here

Fonts: The standard edcamp design is:

  • Century Gothic regular, in black, for “ed” (lowercase)
  • Century Gothic bold, in black, for “camp”
  • Century Gothic bold, in a color of your choice, for YourCityName

Support From Edcamp Foundation has great resources and ideas for planning your event:

Complete the Edcamp in a Box Application at least 6 weeks before your event to receive painter’s tape and post-it notes for the session board, nametags, markers and Edcamp stickers, as well as swag from the Box sponsor and a gift card to help with your breakfast cost if needed.

This Organizer Checklist has info on using the Edcamp logo (or creating your own), sample letters and suggestions for finding sponsorship, details on how to run an Edcamp at your school, and lots of great resources on what Edcamp is all about.

Contact the Edcamp Foundation via their website or @EdcampUSA – they are an amazing bunch of kind, generous folks who are always happy to help in any way they can!

FAQs About Planning an Edcamp

Q: Can I have sponsors support our event?

A: Yes! Just remember that Edcamp is a Vendor-Free Event, so be very clear with any sponsors that you can put their logo in a program or on your website, but that you cannot offer them a booth or provide them time to give their spiel to attendees.

Other ways to sponsor your event include:

  • Have a donation option on your Eventbrite registration
  • Create multiple “ticket” options to provide lunch for those who wish to partake – EVENT ONLY (free), EVENT + FOOD OPTION 1, EVENT + FOOD OPTION 2, etc. 
  • Contact local eateries to donate lunch (some edcamps have better luck asking small, local businesses vs large chains). Remember, you may have better luck asking many businesses for smaller donations instead of asking 1 to donate food for the entire event. If you can get 5 pizzas from 5 places, great!