What is Edcamp?

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Edcamp is a free “unconference” committed to reaching educators in public, private, charter, and higher education environments to share innovative instructional strategies and pioneering technologies that transform education for all students. Edcamp leverages the power of self-directed learning communities who support themselves and one another to be the best educators possible for students. 

Aattendees start the day with breakfast, networking, and creating the schedule by proposing topics of interest. Every session is facilitated entirely by the educators in the room, and there are no formal presentations or pre-made slide decks.

Tenets of Edcamp

Tenets of Edcamp

Expertise, Not Experts!

What kinds of sessions might happen at Edcamp?
  • Discussions on issues in education
  • Sharing lessons or units
  • Inquiry sessions on using a new toolSharing something you’re passionate about
  • Share a new tool and discuss the possible applications in the classroom
  • Discuss new things you’d like to learn more about
  • Share activities you’re looking to improve
  • Anything else you can think of that other teachers would want to discuss!
Why Edcamp?
From Edcamp: The Complete Guide by SimpleK12
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